Clone Picking Challenge 1-7

Welcome to the Clone Picking Challenge

Are current selection and isolation techniques in cell line development too harsh for your cells?
Do you need higher viability and faster insights into transduction success?
Let’s change that!


We’ve developed a gentle and versatile platform for cell selection and isolation, and we believe it can make a difference in your work. Now, we invite you to put our technology to the test.

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Why Join the Clone Picking Challenge?
  • Gentle and Efficient: Experience a platform that treats your cells with care, improving viability and quality.
  • Versatile Aplications: Suitable for a variety of research needs and cell types.
  • No Cost: Participate in our challenge completeky free of charge. The isolated cells are yours to keep.
How It Works
  • Register: Contact us by filling out the form below to discuss your research needs and how our platform can help.
  • Test: Come to our lab in Boston, USA or Garbsen, Germany and conduct the experiments using our technology. No strings attached

The ARRALYZE® Technology at a glance

NK Killing Assays

Natural killer (NK) cells are a class of cytotoxic cells that are part of the innate immune system. They provide a rapid response to virus infections, pathogens and can even fight cancer: watch them attack tumor cells in our ARRALYZE® glass well arrays. 


Video shows target/tumor cells in green, NK cells in blue and dead cells in red. All cells are enclosed in ARRALYZE® glass wells with a top diameter of 90 µm. The time-lapse video is composed of images taken every three minutes for a total duration of 540 minutes. The wells contain different numbers and ratios of target and NK cells. It can be seen that the killing efficiency of these NK cells vary significantly. The section shown here is only one field-of-view - covering 16 wells at a time. In total the chip contained 8.100 wells. The experiment was conducted in collaboration with the Önfelt lab at KTH/Stockholm.


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